Building Relationships

Opportunities for students to build relationships while working, resting, playing and sorting problems.feather_correct

  1. The Power of One     A way to deal with bullying in class
  2. The Good Morning Greeting   Get your students to initiate the first greeting of the day. Great for relationship building
  3. The Class Cheer    Generates a great feeling in the classroom community quickly and easily 
  4. Solo, Partner or Group – It’s your Choice  Trusting students to make worthwhile decisions 
  5. Roll the Dice Day   A completely random day that will take you and your students on a magical adventure
  6. Polar Bear Thinking    Totally random and the best minute of fun for all
  7. ‘Out of the Blue!’   Get something totally unexpected when you try this fun strategy
  8. Personal Contract Day    Students independently planning a day of activities, ideal for last week of term
  9. The Five Minute Break    Use this strategy every day to refresh and refocus your students
  10. No False Rescues!     A way to provide opportunities for every student to think and make decisions every day
  11. Choosing Time ‘Now what do I do?’  Students making a worthwhile decision and a real plan of action
  12. In the Door Endorphins  Create curiosity, rise engagement and build relationships as your students return to class