Behaviour Management

Classroom and playground behaviour and management strategies that provide students and teachers with positive outcomes.feather_correct

  1. Is That Kind, Necessary or Helpful?    A quick strategy to stop inappropriate behaviours
  2. What’s Stopping You From Working?    Students making a plan to get ‘back on track’ and working
  3. One Ups  Challenge and motivate your students with this easy idea
  4. Hands Down is a Winner!     Quick and easy alternatives to traditional ‘Hands Up’ – Highly Recommended
  5. Bags – Grab and Go   Try this strategy at pack up time – helps keep everyone calm and gives you extra teaching time every week
  6. Tired of Growling?   Here’s some practical ideas for every day classroom management problems
  7. Seven Effective Roving Strategies  Give and receive feedback to every student using these strategies
  8. One Word That Can Make a Big Difference  How to use the word ‘Ok’ with your students and receive positive behaviour
  9. Teachers as Motivators   Six ways to motivate your students
  10. Communication – Body Language Ways to use body language as a communication tool
  11. To Teach, To Question  Questions to ask your students to encourage active thinking and risk-taking
  12. Pack Up Now Try this ‘stress-free’ pack up time idea and give the control to your students
  13. Explain your Behaviour     Students taking responsibility for their behaviour
  14. Verbal Feedback and The ‘Osmosis Effect’    Encouragement technique to use as students are working
  15. Work Time, Quiet Time – Achieving a Balance!   An easy strategy to get the whole class quiet and working
  16. Choosing Time – Now what do I do?  Use this idea for the students who are finished their work
  17. Don’t Let the Problem Beat You!    A message to send your students when they are confronted with a problem
  18. Brown’s Cows Dangle About!    Alternative ideas to lining up and moving around the school
  19. Adding Layers!    Ways to add more to your day to benefit every student
  20. Found, Not Lost     A quick way to deal with lost items
  21. That’s Mine!   A different way to hand out items to students and keep everyone ‘with you’.
  22. Planning for Behaviour Change  – One way to change the behaviour of students who don’t get on