Classroom Environment

feather_correctStrategies designed to develop and enhance the physical and communication environment in your classroom.

  1. I Am Strategy    Students tell you what they are doing rather than asking, develop independence and risk taking
  2. Learning and Life Tips    Powerful alternative to Class Rules and Codes of Conduct
  3. Optimal Learning Spots     Students select their own floor seating for optimal learning and listening
  4. Questions for Questions!     Immediately get your students making decisions all day, every day!
  5. Optimal Work Environments    Students using informed decisions to choose their own optimal work environment 
  6. Join the Club  Students discovering a way to keep their resources organised and accessible
  7. The Good Morning Greeting   Get your students to initiate the first greeting of the day. Great for relationship building
  8. Morning Meeting  A meeting with a difference!
  9.  Notes Make a Difference!    Write notes to change and compliment behaviour
  10. The Good Morning Greetings Board   First thing in the morning get your students thinking, organising and making decisions
  11. The Welcoming Committee  Here’s an easy way to manage visitors to your classroom door
  12. Location, Location!   Making the most of your classroom environment when you are teaching
  13. The Pack Up Sign    Save your voice and get everyone packing up
  14. Alternative Thinking for Worksheets   Use worksheet ideas as a springboard for developing new activities for students