Robyn getting a message across to an eager class.

Teaching with a Feather brings together proven techniques that stem from my life long inquiry into how to be an effective teacher.

The techniques are applicable across the curriculum and were developed and implemented during my teaching career of over 35 years. The program draws on my real life experiences, with stories and quotes to support teaching strategies and activities that enable effective engagement with students in the classroom and their ongoing engagement with the world.

Teaching with a Feather is focused on creating a positive classroom community of learning that encompasses decision making, problem solving, independent thinking and being a valued member of a team.

Teaching with a Feather strategies are designed to enhance, and use to advantage, the Physical and Communication Environment you and your students create in your classroom.

My ‘Dare to be Different’ approach was developed through constant reflection and a passion for creating classrooms that provide successful outcomes for teachers and students – both have constantly driven me to seek and develop new strategies.

The niggles, irritations, problems, frustration, challenges and achievements experienced every day in the classroom led to constant reflection, which in turn led to discovering and creating new and positive ideas.

Any person in a teaching role will find strategies that will challenge their current beliefs and traditional thinking concerning ‘what makes a good teacher?’ Teaching with a Feather provides ideas beyond the ‘traditional approach’ of teaching. The ideas are simple to implement, will make a difference to how teachers teach and students think, and deliver positive and unexpected outcomes.

So, why Teaching with a Feather?

Challenging your thinking and doing things differently requires reflection and action. A story I heard at a professional development session by Nancy Johnson Farris (Pieces of Learning) became my inspiration. It acts as a springboard for maintaining my reflective practices, refining my teaching skills and doing things differently. Being involved in the Teaching with a Feather program will provide you with strategies that can be immediately implemented into your classroom. Just wait and see what positive changes can happen to you and your students.

Teaching with a Feather requires energy, effort and thinking until the strategies just come naturally. Every approach and activity will make a difference to you and your students.

Dealing with the ‘day to day’ life of a busy school and classroom is HECTIC! Teaching with a Feather will re-energise, motivate and excite you to want to come to school each day. When you try a new strategy and see the results it is hard to say who will get the biggest buzz, you or your students.

Taking on board TWAF strategies will achieve positive results for both students and teachers. I want students and teachers to go home happy, excited and satisfied at the end of the school day and eager to come back the next.

Join the growing Teaching with a Feather community of teachers.

Cheers Robyn

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