Do Three, See Me!


Your students are working on mathematical problems. Some students are doing lots of work, some hardly any.

What can you do:

  • To get every student working
  • Provide quick feedback and correction
  • Check to see who has ‘nailed’ the new learning, used the correct strategies, actually got the answers correct.

Try This:

  • Explain to the students that once they have completed 3 problems, equations or questions they come to see you.  i.e. ‘Do Three then See Me’.
  • Correct and provide verbal feedback to the students after they have ‘completed three’.
  • Once their work is corrected they head off to do 3 more, then return for correction and feedback again.


1. You get to see who understands and is using the correct strategy for solving the problems.

2. Quick feedback for the student – ‘Yes you have got it, well done, great thinking, I can see you understand this concept, yes you have the right strategy, but you are making calculation errors, go again but double check your calculations.’

3. Students are really happy to just do 3 at a time, doesn’t seem so daunting as a whole lot of problems to wade  through before correction.

4. The students actually do loads of examples. You will be kept busy correcting and providing feedback.


  • Students could use a calculator to correct if appropriate, then come to see you to report how they went. The strategy becomes Do Three, Correct, See Me.
  • If too many students arrive at once for correction ask them to ‘pair off’ or make groups of 3 to correct and feedback to each other. The discussions that take place between the students is worthwhile because they will use mathematical language, share strategies and justify answers.
  • Once the ‘group’ has corrected they come to give you quick feedback re how they are all getting on.
  • Do Three, See Me is really useful if you have just taught a new concept or strategy and want to know how everyone is progressing.
  • If you organise problems that increase in difficulty you can direct the students to try something more challenging once they have ‘nailed the skill’ – Caters for all abilities
  • Before the lesson starts get the students to draw an empty zoo or maybe a castle, a pond, a house, a garden, an alien plane, a toy shop. a tv screen. ( Something appropriate that they can add people, plants, animals etc. If you have stamps or stickers provide one for each time the students has completed three problems. As they are working they add them to their picture – Great motivation to do lots of examples especially for younger students though you will find that Year 6 will enjoy creating and adding to their picture.
  • Instead of individual pictures draw a large scene onto paper. As the students ‘do 3’ and receive a sticker they place it on the scene.

Do Three, See Me is quick and easy to organise. provides opportunities for students to share, discuss, manage and motivate themselves.