The Good Morning Greeting


Do lots of your students wander in each morning and never bother with a good morning greeting?

Try This:

Here’s a  great way to start the day with every student.  As each student comes in to the classroom in the morning they must either:

1. Call out ‘good morning’ to you first and you respond.

2. Put away their bag, come to find you and say, ‘good morning’ and you respond.



Having the students say good morning to you first puts the onus on them to make an effort and be in control of the first greeting of the day. It’s such a highlight when a student bounds in and calls out good morning to you or even enters calmly and quietly and calls out the greeting, or comes over to greet you. It will give you such a lift first thing in the morning.

Your responses might include: a return greeting, a question, a compliment – it’s a great time to compliment them on something positive they have done the day before or continue to do everyday. Gives them a boost first thing in the morning.

Gosh you make me feel great when you come over to greet me.

Thanks for the effort you put in yesterday during maths. I noticed how you gave your friend some tips too. 

How’s the family?

You will need to tell the students that this is expected every day. Remind them during the Morning Meeting (Teacher’s Messages Time) and thank those who did remember (Thank you Time).

On the mornings when you have a meeting before school and you arrive later at your classroom door with all your students milling around ready to come in, imagine how great it will feel when they all call out ‘Good Morning’ to you. It’s a wonderful boost for everyone!

This small idea will contribute to the positive relationships you build every day with your students and make you and your students feel great!