Think differently and create opportunities for your students to live every day in every way in a community of learning that values independent thinking, decision making, problem solving and being a valued team member.

Teaching with a Feather strategies are designed to enhance, and use to advantage, the Physical and Communication Environment you and your students create in your classroom.

Embed these strategies and ideas into your day-to-day teaching and watch the difference it will make.

  • Getting Started  – strategies to start day one term one, tomorrow or as soon as you walk back to your classroom after a break.
  • Say and Do – classroom and playground behavior and management strategies that provide students with options for positive outcomes.
  • Raise the Bar – opportunities for students to make decisions and grow as independent thinkers and problem solvers.
  • ‘Out There’ Thinking  – thinking in new and different ways.
  • Thinking for Feedback – strategies for students to share their knowledge, new learning and opinions.

If your are keen to use TWAF strategies but are not sure how to start follow this link for ideas and Combination TWAF Packages to try.

I want to start using the Teaching with a Feather strategies

‘The object of teaching a child is to enable them to get along with out a teacher’. Elbert Hubbard