Record and Reveal

Using paper, pens, pencils and more to keep everyone tuned in!


You want maximum participation during a teaching and discussion session but not all the students are attentive and participating. Try this easy idea and get all the students listening, contributing and learning.

Try This:

 Idea 1.
  • Provide every student with a workbook to record ideas and answers by writing or drawing their responses.
  • Use grey leads, coloured pens, pencils, textas – let the students choose what will work best for them or allocate a writing tool for the occasion.
  • Ask the questions.
  • The students record their response in the book and turn it around to show you.
  • Select students to read out their responses.
Idea 2.

Use small white boards and white board markers for quick responses. IMG_3297

Small white boards are also a great tool to use when teaching a new mathematics concept, spelling words, how to form letters, write or draw responses to text, record an idea, the sky is the limit!


  • Everyone is focused and participating
  • Everyone has the opportunity to put forward ideas and opinions.
  • You can quickly see who has mastered the new concept you are teaching.


  •  You may want to only select grey lead pencils to use for responses to avoid the ‘colouring in’ some students may want to do.
  • Use different colours on occasions- colours and pictures help ‘lock in new learning’ e.g. Choose two of your favorite colours to use for your responses today.
  •  Have your own Response Book and white board so you can show your responses to the students.
  • Use It Could Be You’ to keep students on their toes and ready to respond.feather_correct