Found, Not Lost!

Do you have a lost property basket overflowing in your school or a multitude of lost items piling up in a box in your classroom?

Do you notice that often students will not claim their own items that are sitting in the Lost Property box?

Try this:

Change the name!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.58.16 pm

Hey, thats mine. I’m glad I found it!

Call your Lost Property – Found Items.

Attach the new sign to the box and amazingly students will claim their property if it is in a Found Items box rather than a Lost Property box.

For what ever reason many students don’t like to own up to having lost something.

There appears to be less angst attached to claiming a found item.

The minute you call it a ‘found item’ they will claim it.


Ask for volunteers to make the sign or just make it yourself. At the next class meeting casually remind students to check the ‘Found Items Box’ at the end of the meeting and collect their things.

You will be surprised when you see what happens.

Oh, that’s mine!’ feather_correct