Thinking for Feedback

 Strategies for students to share their knowledge, new learning and opinions.

Free Content

  1. Out the Door Endorphins    The best thing to do for yourself after a tough day at school – Highly Recommended
  2. Jump Up and Tell Us     Keeps every student focused at sharing time
  3. Out the Door Assessment    A quick and easy way to get amazing and thoughtful feedback from your students
  4. I Would Like You to Notice   A powerful strategy that generates informative thinking and responses from every student
  5. Four Feedback Ideas  Use these during your school day to provide feedback to your students

Member Only Content

  1. Tips and Feedback Time   Easy to use idea during any teaching session – Highly Recommended
  2. The Class Cheer    Generates a great feeling in the classroom community quickly and easily 
  3. Record and Reveal   Keeps students focused and interacting as you teach
  4. Do Three, See Me!    Quickly keep track of your students learning after teaching a new concept