The ‘Good Morning’ Greetings Board


What’s happening today? Where do we meet for the bus? What time is the arts performance? What’s on today? What do I need to do?

This idea will generate independent thinking by providing opportunities for students to think, organise and do.


Try This:

Organise a small white board or free standing easel to use for the Greeting Board.

A Good Morning Greetings board used in Rachel's classroom.

A Good Morning Greetings board used in Rachel’s classroom.

Put the greetings board right by the door or in an easily accessible spot so it is easily seen as the students come in each day. The greeting board becomes a focus point for the students.

Ideas – What to write on the Greeting Board?

  • A Morning Hello:  Gooooood Moaning, Hi All, Great to see you today, Good Morning to you and you! Try writing ‘good morning’ in a different language, Hi Ho what a great day, Helloooooo Everyone.
  • A puzzle, joke, riddle, question
  • Information: Times, places, events, reminders
  • Instructions: You need your maths book, three coloured pencils and a ruler for maths today or Please collect one instruction sheet below to share with a partner, organise a partner, locate the resources you will need and start at 9:05 sharp. Thank you.  Today you can choose to work alone or with a partner. Check the list below for further instructions.
  • Daily or weekly quote
  • A Thank You to a student for an achievement
  • I sometimes wrote things in code or first letters only, e.g B R A 9 = Be Ready at 9 or 5MB at TPT  = Five Minute Break at Ten past Ten. Makes students think! Someone usually works it out.

Or Try This:

Add more detail onto your daily ‘What’s Happening Today Timetable’ on your whiteboard.


Morning Meeting: Zoe and Riley to chair the meeting.

Maths: Game of Poison using 11 coloured blocks. Please organise these with a partner at the start of the session. Subtraction Strategies – You need your work book and a sharp grey lead pencil. 

Five Minute Break at 10:00

Writing: Class discussion re tips for writing procedural text then continue with your own personal writing.

Inquiry: Finding Out Stage – researching new information about frogs using a Big Book as a resource. You will need your Inquiry book to take notes

PE: 2:00 Enjoy your session! 

Story Time: There’s a new pop up book to check out. Looks pretty cool!

Adding details, messages and interesting extras keeps students informed, entertained and curious. What a great way to start the day!


  • Students gather together to meet and discuss, great for socialising first thing in the morning
  • Leadership qualities are developed as students clarify and assist others
  • Awareness and independence

Yes, it will take extra time to organise each day.

Yes, it will develop students independent thinking skills.

Yes, students will want to write the information on the Greetings Board.

Yes, students will bring along a quote, puzzle, joke or riddle to add to the board.

Yes, using a Morning Greeting Board is a positive addition to your classroom environment. It provides a real life meeting point that has boundless possibilities.