That’s Mine!


Handing out workbooks, lunches on excursions, finished work or work to be completed can be tiring. Students may not be listening when you call their name, you may start feeling annoyed and your voice is not coping. Try this idea to keep everyone ‘with you’ and save your voice.

 Try This:

Say to the students, ‘I am going to hold up your work/lunch/book. When you see your name or know that the item belongs to you say, ‘That’s mine!’

Instead of using their ears students have to use their eyes. Keeps everyone with you as you hand out the items.


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 2.54.57 pm


  • You are in control by allowing your students to do the thinking and watching to collect their own belongings.
  • You feel calm and in control by putting the onus on the students to make the call.


Nominate two or three students to hold up the books and wait for a ‘That’s mine!’ You can go on with other tasks that may be required.

Teacher Feedback:

This idea has keep my students focused as things are handed out. I don’t need to think for the students by calling out names and raising my voice. I found I would get louder and louder. If someone is away and I have held up their book other students will say they are not here.  Year 3 Teacher


I always use this idea when handing out lunches when we are on excursions. It keeps every one focused and watching and I don’t have to say anything. It’s so much calmer and quieter. I have shown the parents who assist on excursions how easy it is to distribute the lunches. They really appreciate the idea.    Year 6 Teacher