Jump Up and Tell Us

One way to keep students thinking differently, interested and listening at the end of a session.


It’s the end of the session and you are having a discussion with the whole class. Generally a few students contribute and not everyone is listening or joining in.Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 6.50.28 pm

Try This:

Say to the class, Today I want you to take turns to jump up and tell us in an excited voice what you have achieved, found out, discovered or learnt.

Be ready with an answer because I will point to you when it is your turn. 

I will give you a minute of think time to get your response ready.

Begin to point or call out to each student. Give everyone a turn.


  • Every student makes a contribution.
  • By ‘jumping up’ and using a different type of voice everyone stays focused and listening.
  • Students think and respond differently.


  • Allow a minute of ‘think time’.
  • If you nominate a student and they have nothing to contribute tell them you will come back to them.
  • Make sure you do return to them. You will find that they will have a response ready, especially after hearing others.
  • Try different voices types to suit the occasion e.g. surprised, amazed, energetic, persuasive, robotic or strong.