The Ripple Effect

Natika Van Hulst

Natika Van Hulst

A teacher with loads of energy and enthusiasm, Natika has been working hard on her teaching style to bring out the best in her classroom.

Natika, What do you think?

 I believe that Robyn provided me with a large variety of teaching skills that I will be capable of continuing in my classroom and not only that, but teaching to others. Robyn provides support, feedback and advice. She models plentiful ways of approaching a task in a new and exciting way. The way I describe Robyn’s teaching is that she has a way of making every single thing a learning opportunity.

What changes have you made with your own teaching since beginning your TWAF Journey?

 After reading my expression of interest answers, I realise how much I have learnt from Robyn. Without me even knowing it, Robyn taught me something about every area in which I was seeking further assistance and support

 What changes have you noticed with your students?

Robyn has modeled a number of strategies to engage my ASD students. She has shown me how to do the simplest of things in different ways. I wanted to find better ways to communicate with students – Robyn taught me a number of ways to speak to kids differently through signs, whispering, little notes etc. I am now able to use these strategies to communicate with the kids. I find that using these strategies not only keeps the noise level in the classroom to a minimum, but it also reinforces independence in the students. For example, I will whisper to three students that I would like them to pack up, it ends up being a ripple effect with students asking other students to assist in pack up.