Dare to think differently

Kamaljeet original

Kamaljeet Jessel

Read the pathway Kamaljeet, a passionate and caring Year 5 teacher has followed during her TWAF journey.

“It is a great privilege to be working with Robyn, she has so much experience and so many wonderful strategies to help every single child in the classroom. It is just mind blowing watching Robyn modeling in the classroom the excellent strategies that have been tried and tested throughout Robyn’s teaching career, she is just an amazing lady who is very dedicated to all she does. We are very lucky to have Robyn come in and guide us through this journey.”

What changes have you made with your own teaching since beginning your TWAF Journey?

“This journey with Robyn is making a HUGE impact on my thinking and the way I’m teaching. Robyn’s ideas and strategies are like a breath of fresh air reviving my teaching practices and making me more equipped to making my children independent learners. Robyn has taught me/teaching me to think differently. Also to let go and not do my children’s thinking for them.”

What strategies have you learnt on your personal Teaching with a Feather Journey?

  • The power of a note to a child.
  • Writing instructions instead of saying them, I need to talk less.
  • The ripple effect, throwing a ball, keeping the children on their toes, they don’t know when I might ask them to respond.
  • Writing a list of their success criteria to check to see if they have completed their task sufficiently. Go through this list with a couple of children and aid them to help the others. This frees me up and then I can roam or teach at the point of need.
  • Asking the children to think about one thing that they have learnt today in the classroom and to tell me as they leave the room.
  • Music really motivates and engages the children, gets them in the right frame of mind to work.
  • Giving the children a 3 minute break between sessions to revive them again.
  • They enjoy the comments or feedback their peers give them even if it is, as simple as smiley face, the children get a great sense of achievement.
  • I’m daring to think differently and do different things as well as my children in my class. It is a great new learning curve for us all in my classroom and I think it has had an awesome effect on us all in my classroom.

What changes have you noticed with your students?

“Since working with Robyn with my TWAF journey “Brand New Day, Brand New Way” I have definitely created a positive difference in my classroom. It is amazing to see the slight changes in our teaching practices, making such an ENORMOUS impact on our children’s thinking and decision making.”

“I feel my children are making authentic worthwhile decisions for themselves. They are making their own decisions and choosing their Optimal Learning Environment, without being dictated by me. They are learning lots of social skills such as negotiating, being adaptable and accept change gracefully.”

What are your future plans?

“I would like to create more opportunities for role-play in my classroom. Only in the last session with Robyn, I was amazed at how one particular girl, who hardly ever says anything voluntary and is always so shy to take part in any classroom discussions. She was able to take part in the role-play so well. I was totally surprised by her, Thanks Robyn!”