Ask Ed App

Ask Ed - The Catastrophe Cat

Ask Ed – The Catastrophe Cat

An exciting new App for children created by the team behind Teaching with a Feather, its Ask Ed – the Catastrophe Cat.

Ask Ed is designed to help children deal with real life problems from the smallest annoyance to a ‘full blown catastrophe’.

Ask Ed helps children, parents and teachers work together to tackle social, emotional and behavioural issues.

Ed, the Catastrophe Scale cat guides children through the Ask Ed process; asking questions, providing advice and giving encouragement.

Ask Ed uses the Catastrophe Scale to help children put their problems into perspective. Problems may be rated from 0 (no problem) to 10 (worst ever). This helps children understand that some problems may not be as bad as first perceived and can be easily overcome (ratings 0 – 4), while more challenging problems (ratings 5 – 10) need different strategies and help from other people.

Ask Ed is a great way for children to express their problems and share their feelings, empowering them to solve their own problems and feel good about themselves.

Features of Ask Ed
• Deals with ‘real life’ problems – from the smallest annoyance to a ‘full blown’ catastrophe!
• Helps children manage feelings of frustration, sadness and anger.
• Provides messages of support and encouragement.
• Produces an Ask Ed report detailing the child’s responses.
• Report can be emailed and printed for future reference.
• Includes a database of real life problems experienced by children.
• Allows children to add their own problems and ideas.
• Help children develop real life problem solving skills and build resilience.
• Can be used at home, school or out and about.
• Works with individual children or groups of children.
• Suitable for children from pre-school to secondary school.

If you’re looking for a way to help children, Ask Ed!

Visit the Ask Ed website for teaching resources including detailed lessons to teach the Catastrophe Scale concept, posters, a Catastrophe Scale Kit and Ask Ed Puppet Kit.

NEW RESOURCE NOW AVAILABLE FOR TEACHERSAsk Ed Bookmarks There are 3 different sets to download. Give one to each student in your class to remind them of the importance of sharing problems with a trusted adult and making a plan of action to deal with the problem.

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