Out the Door Endorphins

Generate positive feedback via opinions to make everyone feel great.


Had a really tough day, feeling tired, drained and can’t wait for the home bell to go. Don’t leave for home feeling terrible and carrying worries around in your head.

Try This:

Tell the students that as they go out the door they must tell you about a highlight that happened in the classroom that day. It must have happened in the classroom, must be a positive, a great thing, something that gave them a real ‘buzz’. (It is best not to ask what was the highlight at school that day – you don’t want to hear that it was playtime!) Allow a minute or two of ‘ think time’ before the bell so they are ready to tell you when it’s time to go. Stand at the classroom door and as the students file out listen to their answers. (Note you don’t have to ask every student the question again.)


  • You will be surprised by all the different answers.
  • You will get a injection of up to 30 positive comments (depends how many students you have).
  • Everyone feels great, especially you – endorphins will be released. It will make you feel so much better, really good to do on a Friday if it’s been a tough week. You want to start the weekend off on a positive note and that’s a great way to begin.
  • Quick and easy to implement.


Other questions could include:

  • What did you learn today? (I will always remember a great answer I received from a Year 4 female student – I learnt that David is really kind because he loaned me his pencil sharpener during math’s time. No mention of any math’s learnt but wonderful recognition of a class member – David was pretty chuffed.)
  • What did you notice in our classroom this week that made you smile?
  • Who made you happy in our room this week and why?
  • Pick a display you like in the room and tell me why it appeals to you?
  • Bring a partner with you and tell me one great thing about them. (This will give students a real blast of endorphins as they leave – great for self esteem.)
  • I am sure you can think of lots more possible questions for your students. For something different have a student decide on the Out the Door Endorphin question. They can receive the answers and provide the thank you – great for building confidence and social skills.feather_correct