Location, Location!

Do you use the same position in the classroom as you lead discussions, read stories, hand out resources and teach new concepts?

Make the most of your classroom environment by using different locations as your teach.

Try these ideas and provide opportunities for your students to be adaptable and accepting as you teach in different locations around the room.


Try These Ideas:

1. After the students are seated on the floor or at their table move your chair and yourself to a different location in the room. Explain to the students that you are trying a new teaching position.

 Changing my teaching location keeps things interesting, builds your ability to be adaptable and accepting and gives you a different view of the room. We can all make the most of our classroom environment by using different spaces and locations. It’s an opportunity to find optimal teaching spots!

 2. As you explain new learning or provide instructions, walk to a new location. Taking a visual prompt with you will generate interest and cater for the visual learners.

3. Seat yourself with the students on the floor after you have completed your explanation or as you lead a discussion. Let a student/s get up to explain the new learning, provide instructions or organise distribution of resources. Great for building confidence and self esteem.

robyn at back of class

Locating myself and the students at the back of the classroom for a final discussion kept everyone alert and interested.

 4. Wander through the students seated on the floor, bob down or sit down with the students and continue your explanation or lead the discussion and questioning from the floor.

5. Locate the resources students may be using in a different area of the room. Move to that area to complete your discussion or organise the handing out of the resources.

6. Select a student/s to go with you as you move. Ask leading questions concerning information you have provided. What task needs doing, what resources are required?


  • Students see the value of trying new ideas.
  • Students maintain interest when you locate to a different position.
  • Students have opportunities to view their classroom environment from different positions.
  • Moving your location in the classroom develops your ability to be adaptable and generates new thinking.