Latest News

Professional Development:

I am pleased to announce I will be offering Professional Development MasterClasses for teachers in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area in 2019.  Further details will be available in the coming month.

Teaching with a Feather Resources:
All teaching and classroom management strategies are available for free . Click on the Strategies Menu to access five sections containing over 50 effective techniques.

These Include:

1. Classroom Environment – Inspiring strategies to design and develop a new classroom look and structure that promotes student decision making skills.

2.  Behaviour Management – Easy to use ideas beyond the traditional approach.

3. Building Relationships – Effective ideas that students will love.

4. Playground Duty Tips – Designed to promote harmony and a relaxed attitude in the playground for students and teachers

5. Student Feedback – Unique techniques that get all students contributing.

Take some time to explore each strategy and make a start. Why?
… because Teaching with a Feather strategies work!
Contact or phone 0422 436 398 if you require extra information about MasterClasses or TWAF strategies.