Fees Schedule

Teaching with a Feather Journey

Cost – $450 for 7 hours 

The minimum recommended time for a teacher undertaking a Teaching with a Feather (TWAF) Journey is 7 hours face-to-face contact time with our leading mentor, Robyn Cotter.

This is bespoke support designed to fit in with you and your commitments. A teacher may choose to spend more than 7 hours participating in the mentor program. (Price on application).  Up to 4 teachers from a school can nominate to participate in the program at the same time during a school term.

The schools leadership team work in consultation with Robyn to determine teacher selection and hours provided.

All teachers who submit an EOI will be considered for the program; however due to the strictly limited numbers there will be options available for placement in future programs.

The time frame for implementation for any teacher participating in the program will vary over the school term. Timetabling is discussed and negotiated between Robyn, the leadership team and the classroom teacher.

Note: Travel and accommodation expenses are invoiced separately if required.

The mentoring program includes face to face meetings with the classroom teacher, observation, feedback, teaching and modelling TWAF strategies, planning and team teaching.

Dates and times are negotiated with the classroom teacher as their Teaching with a Feather Journey unfolds.

All teachers participating in the program complete an initial Reflection Questionnaire before beginning the program. At the end of the program all participating teachers complete a TWAF Review and Survey.

NOTE: After participating in a Teaching with a Feather Journey teachers are encouraged to stay in contact with Robyn to ask questions, seek advice as required and share achievements.

Teaching with a Feather – Brand New Day, Brand New Way

 $299 per teacher

Create an exciting new classroom environment for yourself  and your students in one day!

Brand New Day is a new and innovative program unlike any other. It’s professional development for both you and your students. 

What’s involved?

Robyn works for a full day in your classroom modelling TWAF  teaching and management strategies.  The day includes modelling, team teaching, discussing and explaining the strategies and answering your questions.  You observe, take notes and record questions you may have.

Students are engaged in:

  • Learning new ways of thinking and responding as they experience Teaching with a Feather strategies.
  • Setting up the classroom into Optimal Work Environments.
  • Creating their own display using a combination of Teaching with a Feather posters, your teaching philosophy, students Learning Likes and Preferences and a hand made feathered Parrot of Purpose designed by the students.

The day is ‘jam packed’ with TWAF strategies to show you how quickly and easily they can be implemented into your own teaching program. 
You will observe ‘first hand’ the positive responses from your students as they participate and use the strategies to their advantage.

Your students will immediately be provided with opportunities to become independent thinkers, make worthwhile decisions, problem solve, think differently, use negotiation skills to create win/win situations, work with others and make choices in real-life situations.

You will have a Teaching with a Feather package of strategies to use in your day-to-day teaching and management that will provide continuing positive outcomes for yourself and your students.

Brand New Day, Brand New Way is an exciting, challenging and powerful day that will change your perspective and thinking in relation to the teaching and management practises in your classroom.

Email an Expression of Interest today!

For more information please contact Robyn via email.   robyn@teachingfeather.com

Master Class Workshops – NOW AVAILABLE

$200 per session plus travel

2 hour workshop session with groups up to a maximum of 30.

A message for principals, welfare coordinators, curriculum managers and team leaders.

  • Are you seeking professional development for your graduate teachers?
  • Are teachers having management difficulties in their classrooms and asking for new strategies to implement into their daily routines?
  • Are your looking for alternative teaching strategies to assist students with challenging behaviours? 
  • Do you know teachers who would like to enhance and develop their teaching skills and practises?

What happens during a TWAF Master Class?

  • A Master Class is an opportunity to observe, participate and learn new teaching and management strategies.
  • Teachers can submit questions relating to classroom management and teaching strategies before the Master Class.
  • Teachers will learn strategies that can be implemented as soon as they walk into their classroom the next day.

Teaching with a Feather strategies are designed to enhance and use to advantage, the Physical and Communication Environment teachers create in classrooms.

Any person in a teaching role will learn and experience strategies that will challenge their current beliefs and traditional thinking concerning ‘what makes a good teacher?’ Teaching with a Feather provides ideas beyond the ‘traditional approach’ of teaching. The ideas are simple to implement, will make a difference to how teachers teach and students think, and deliver positive and unexpected outcomes.

When can I book a Master Class?
Master classes can be held during or after school.
– Curriculum Days
– Team Meetings
– After school professional development.

What happens after a Master Class?

  • Teachers are invited to keep in touch.
  • Teachers can request and arrange a personal follow up visit to their classroom by Robyn.

What is the cost for a Master Class?

$200 for 2 hours plus travel

How can I book a Master Class?

Email robyn@teachingfeather.com or phone 0422 436 398  

What are teachers saying about TWAF?

Here is a selection of testimonials from teachers who have participated in Teaching with a Feather.

If you require more information re Master Classes I am happy to provide further details.

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