Classroom Designs with a Purpose!

Teaching with a Feather presents a new and unique offer for teachers – 

Classroom Designs with a Purpose!  

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for new ways to set up your classroom?

Are you tired and overwhelmed with clutter in your room?

Do you want to try a new classroom set up but are not sure how to start?

Do you want to have a classroom design with a purpose?

Try This: 
  • Email me at to express your interest in creating a classroom design with a purpose. 
  • Organise a suitable time to meet in your classroom and together we will discuss your requirements, use your current room resources and create a brand new classroom setup.
  • Options include: After school, weekend, during school time with your students.

Note: Your current furniture and resources will be used to create your new classroom setup.

What’s the purpose of your classroom design?
  • Easier movement around the room for yourself and your students
  • Student selected seating using criteria
  • Easy access to resources
  • Purposeful use of current resources
  • Spaces for hands on work, independent work, group work
  • Special areas set up to encourage writing, reading and mathematics
  • Places to generate curiosity and discussions
  • New teaching area
  • Ways for students to organize their resources quickly and easily
  • Place for messages
  • Display areas for students to manage
  • Display places for students work
  • Areas for students to access classroom books
  • A Reading Nook
  • An environment that reflects your current Inquiry topic
  • A brand new look

Cost: $50 plus travel costs if required

Note: Available to teachers in the following regions  – North Eastern Melbourne, Outer Eastern Melbourne, Inner Eastern Melbourne, Western Melbourne, Brimbank Melton and Barwon.

Requests from other regions in Victoria will be considered. (Accommodation and travel costs required)

Why will the design of your classroom make a difference to the way your students work and interact together?
Why will a classroom design with a purpose make a difference to you?

You spend a lot of time in your work space with 25 or more other people, your students.

Creating a different classroom environment can change the way you feel and interact with your students. Reinvigorate yourself with a new classroom set up. It can make a huge difference.

Rob’s Environmental Science Room

Design Brief:

  • Investigation stations for the students to be able to readily access the natural materials for investigation
  •  Areas to stimulate children’s investigative and sensory learning
  • Focus on bringing the outside inside and setting up resources to be used more frequently.
  • A new teaching space

 Rob’s Feedback:

This was an exciting process which stimulated my imagination and I felt a great surge of enthusiasm to do this. It was wonderful to see spaces open up and little nooks I had never used become new learning spaces.

I couldn’t wait to use my new space at the start of Term 2. The kids gave many ‘WOWS’ when they walked in Tuesday morning first day back. What I noticed most when the Year ones were exploring the room that it was now set up for easy access to all the natural treasures I had had out of reach. 

One child said they loved it as there was lots of new stuff but there was in fact nothing new. I had had many things out of reach or stored. 

Here’s some photos of Rob’s room showing the new spaces we created.

Robyn is highly skilled and talented at setting up spaces for maximum child focus and orientation for hands on learning. She is incredible at setting up spaces for children to be discovering and navigating their own learning spaces.      

Rob – Environmental Science Teacher

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.48.28 am
Year 2 Classroom – Creating Optimal Work Environments
Teacher’s Feedback:

It’s great to watch the kids making a conscience decision when selecting where to sit.

The kids love the new room arrangement. It works so well.

One of my students said he had always wanted to sit on the side of the room but never got the chance because I always did the seat selection. He is very pleased to make his own choices.

The kids have been interacting more.

The atmosphere has changed for the better.

Everyone goes off and gets organised independently.

The kids are not just ‘nesting’ in one spot but will help others.

They discuss and negotiate about sitting in different spots.

They seem so happy. I also move my seat before I start to teach. They like to see me move.

It feels totally different.

I always thought that the room was small and pokey but it has opened it up. It’s been a new start for all of us.’

Student’s Feedback:
Year 2

My teacher doesn’t have to say be quiet because everyone is working.

It’s good, you can chat without disturbing everyone. Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.12.57 pm

Everyone does tough stuff.

The reading spot is great – I like to read by the door.

Its good to see through the window; I sometimes look outside for ideas.

Really good, lots more space to sit and read and different places to work.

Good, lots of room, all different areas to choose from. I negotiated yesterday and it worked really well. I got to try a different spot.


Anne’s Indonesian Room

After working with Anne to redesign her Indonesian classroom she sent this email.

I actually wanted to come to work today!  Anne – Indonesian teacher

Here’s Anne’s classroom after we worked together to create new teaching and working spaces.


You may have the latest and greatest furniture, or plain tables, chairs, cupboards and shelves. Interesting and purposeful learning and working spaces can be achieved using the furniture and resources you have available.

So make the most of your classroom.

Classroom Designs with a Purpose! Get in touch today.