Hunters and Gatherers

Using criteria informs students and gets everyone on board!


You have set a task requiring students to collect information from their class members. Some wander aimlessly not getting the task done, others eager and excited to meet with fellow students, discuss and collect the information. How can you get everyone involved?

Try This:

Set the question/task/investigation.

Students write their own response/s first, then rove around the room, meet and greet others, exchange and gather information/opinions/answers.

Example Activity

Example Activity

Each student needs to collect the initial of the person who provided them with the information. The student records their initials onto their fellow students page next to the new information they provided.

You set the number of people they need to ‘hunt down and gather’ the information from.

The ultimate challenge for students is to hunt down everyone. This works best when you are gathering quick one or two word responses. e.g. Collect words that describe the emotions people feel.


  • Loads of information sharing, relationship building, talking and discussing.
  • The quiet students join in.
  • The wanderers are approached by others seeking to gather and exchange information.


At the end of the allotted time gather the students together.  The  Pack Up Sign’ works a treat.

Try ‘It Could Be You’ for sharing the collected information. i.e. Be ready to tell me what you have found out and who told you.

This acknowledges other students and gives them a buzz when they hear their piece of exchanged information being read out to the class.