Bags – Grab and Go


It’s ‘pack up for home time’. Are you tired of the noise while students pack up, the dawdlers who take so much time getting their bags and chatting to others, the crush at the bag area, the crowded floor area as students vie for space as they sit with their bags, the time it takes everyday to be ready?

Use this idea and gain time at the end of every school day. That’s extra work time, discussion and sharing time.

Try This:

When students are packing up there is no need for them to get their bags. As they leave the classroom at the end of the day they can get their bags after the bell. Any work or notes that needs to taken home can just as easily be put in after the bell.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.55.19 pm


  • Time spent getting bags organised is used for other purposes.
  • Students spend time assisting with the ‘clean up, pack up’ rather than fussing with bags.
  • Floor space is not taken up with bags.
  • Chatting at the bag area takes place after the bell.
  • You will find that the ‘rush’ to get bags and leave is not loud and crowded.


  • Use a Pack Up sign that includes the message, Please collect your bags after the bell.
  • If students have been collecting their bags before the bell it may take a few days for the new routine to become established. Stick with it. It will make such a difference not having the daily bag rush combined with the end of day packing up.
  • Once the bell goes to save the crowding in the bag area call out names to control the flow of students or ask the students to leave in alphabetical order, or use the Ripple Effect e.g. groups of three to leave.
  • Hand out notices at the door after the bell or when students are seated on the floor. Once the bell rings hand out the note and they can get their bag and go.

Teacher Feedback:

The difference has been terrific. There’s no more chatting at the lockers and taking so long to get organised. Depending on the activity we are doing in the last session the students have more time to work because we don’t have to pack up as early as we used to. It’s less chaotic. I feel so much calmer because I also use the Pack Up Sign. It’s made such a difference to the end of the day.              Year 2 Teacher


Getting bags after the bell has made the last pack up of the day so much calmer. I was giving my students 15 minutes to pack up and they were still not ready. Pack up time is now 5 minutes or less. That’s an extra 50 minutes teaching and learning time I have gained over the week. Time much better spent!             Year 5 teacher