About Robyn

Teaching with a Feather founder, Robyn Cotter.

Teaching with a Feather founder, Robyn Cotter.

Founder Robyn Cotter has been a professional educator for almost 40 years culminating in the development of a number of resources for educators everywhere! The Ask Ed App and Teaching with a Feather venture keeps Robyn busy on her little country farm on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. With four school aged grandchildren, Robyn is also kept busy in her down time keeping up with the new batch of Cotter kids.


• Leading Teacher responsibilities including Assessment and Reporting, Inquiry and Curriculum Leader
• Mentor to over 100 pre-service, graduate and experienced teachers


• Sugata Mitra: Self Organised Learning Environments
• Lane Clark: real. thinking learning assessment
• Kath Murdoch: Inquiry
• George Betts: Autonomous Learner Model
• John Joseph: Learning with the Brain in Mind
• Nancy Johnson Farris: Pieces of Learning

Other Ventures

Ask Ed App – resource for children, parents and teachers that guides children through problems to make a plan of action

Teaching Philosophy

“The object of teaching a child is to enable them to get along without a teacher”
Elbert Hubbard 1856-1915feather_correct