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Teaching with a Feather presents new and unique strategies that will revitalise, motivate and re-energise you and your students. You will want to come to school each day knowing you have ideas that work!

Explore the website, read the strategies and try them in your classroom. Every strategy is free. Why? Because I want teachers and students to love school and want to be there every day. You will be delighted and surprised with the results!

Welcome Message

Welcome to the world of Teaching with a Feather. Discover unique and innovative strategies that will challenge your thinking and change your approach to teaching and behaviour management forever. TWAF is an exciting and invigorating approach to help teachers to…

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Teaching with a Feather brings together proven techniques that stem from my life long inquiry into how to be an effective teacher. The techniques are applicable across the curriculum and were developed and implemented during my teaching career of over…

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Latest News

Professional Development: Professional Development opportunities are available. Contact Robyn via email. robyn@teachingfeather.com   Teaching with a Feather Resources: All teaching and classroom management strategies are freely available for teachers.  Click on the Strategies Menu to access five sections containing over…

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Teaching with a Feather Newsletter: Previous Newsletters are available on the website. The newsletters contain new teaching strategies, photos, quotes, media links and teaching resources. If you would like to join the Teaching with a Feather Community and receive the…

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Teaching with a Feather: A new, exciting and different approach to teaching and classroom management!
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Teaching with a Feather Strategies

Explore three Teaching with a Feather strategies. These will give you an insight into how to introduce TWAF into your classroom and the outcomes you and your students will achieve. Click on each heading to view - I am..., One Ups and I want you to notice.


The ‘I Am…’  Classroom Create a culture of trust and authentic decision making in your classroom that values the importance of independent thinking and problem solving. Scenario: Student’s ask permission for multiple reasons every day. e.g. Can I have some paper please,…

Be Extraordinary - Teaching with a Feather

What is a One Up? A One Up is when students do one extra thing in their work above and beyond the task you have set.   Once they have completed the task you set they add an idea of their…

Alison in class

Students decide which part of their work they would like to share and why – a quick and easy feedback strategy with ‘surprising outcomes’.  Scenario: It’s the end of a lesson and time for students to share their work. Students may…


Alison Kip

I now have to add Robyn Cotter to my inspiration list. With myself ‘talking and directing less’ it has now given the students a chance to show me their true colours, and I must say how proud I am of them. I now have time to observe, listen and question without feeling I am doing all the work. The tables are turning and it is the students now advising me what they are thinking/learning.

Alison Kip Classroom Teacher
Kamaljeet Jessel

Robyn has so much experience and so many wonderful strategies to help every single child in the classroom. Her ideas and strategies are like a breath of fresh air reviving my teaching practices and making me more equipped to making my children independent learners. It is amazing to see the slight changes in our teaching practices, making such an ENORMOUS impact on our children’s thinking and decision making.

Kamaljeet Jessel Classroom Teacher